OpenClinica 4.0

Our online role-based training quickly helps you develop practical skills in using OpenClinica.
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OpenClinica e-learning modules

At Imperial College, we have identified different roles within clinical trial teams and aligned the OpenClinica training modules to reflect these and the responsibilities associated. Below, you will find the user groups and the relevant e-learning modules. Please take time to look at the instructions manual before you begin the modules.

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OpenClinica assessments

The OpenClinica assessments are now integrated into the training modules and there are no separate links to the quizzes. If you pass successfully, the certificate will be at the end of the module.

The quiz results are not recorded, so once the assessments are completed successfully, please print your certificate and email it to

Please note that in order for your account to be activated, you are required to complete the OpenClinica User Activation Form and submit to Please ensure that the Study Manager or the CI has signed the form as well, otherwise your request may take longer to process.

Study specific access will only be issued once all the checks have been performed. You will then receive the login details.