REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a data collection tool with a simple secure web-based interface designed for clinical researchers to manage their study collection needs.    

Imperial College London is registered as a REDCap partner with the REDCap consortium.  Under the terms of this licence, a central instance of the software has been installed on ICT run College infrastructure which can support multiple concurrent projects.

The software is provided for the purposes of non-commercial research only and only if the research activity is led by an Imperial College Chief Investigator (CI).

The software installation is not validated to Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards and is not suitable for CTIMP (drug) studies or studies requiring MHRA regulatory compliance.  Imperial College provides a secure hosting environment for the REDCap software. Training and data collection form design services are not offered and so it will be the responsibility of the research group to design and build the eCRF forms appropriately, unless these services have been explicitly requested from the Clinical Data System team. 

Please see REDCap FAQ for Frequently Asked Questions regarding REDCap.

If requesting the use of REDCap, please use this link: