therapeutic area general content image Mixed academic and clinical groups have been developed in several therapeutic areas that allow cohesion of  academics in specific areas. ICTU liaise, and work extensively with these groups and meet regularly for updates from the therapeutic leads. ICTU have found that this interaction is highly successful and are proud of the broad range of trials that we currently have on our portfolio.


The Cancer Section of Imperial Clinical Trials Unit (ICTU-Ca) is based at Imperial College’s Hammersmith Campus. Please visit Cancer for further information.

Cardiovascular & Diabetes

Led by outstanding clinical academics,  Imperial is at the forefront of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors. Please visit Cardiovascular & Diabetes to find out more.

Emergency and Critical Care

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The Emergency and Critical Care team have expertise in successfully recruiting critically ill patients into research trials in the emergency setting. Please visit Emergency and Critical Care for more details.

HIV and Infectious Disease

The HIV clinical team at Imperial has considerable experience in the design and management of studies in the UK and internationally, both early phase and late. Please visit HIV and Infectious Disease for further information.


ICTU is currently involved in three respiratory trials led by Investigators at Imperial College and the Royal Brompton and Harefield NHS Foundation Trust. The areas of research are: asthma, cystic fibrosis and interstitial lung disease. Please visit Respiratory to find out more.

Surgery & Robotics

Imperial has a number of research centres and themes focused on innovative science and cutting edge applications of surgical technologies to patient care. Please visit Surgery & Robotics for more details.

Other therapeutic areas

therapeutic areas image 3 The above are the six core therapeutic areas covered by ICTU. However owing to the breadth of clinical expertise at Imperial, ICTU has conducted many studies outside of these core areas in a diverse range of fields including paediatrics, neonates, gene therapy among several others, and continues to expand its areas of expertise. Please visit Other therapeutic areas to find out more.