The group is led by Professor Serafim Kalliadasis and is based in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College London. We are a dynamic mix of applied and pure mathematicians, engineers, physicists and physical chemists based in an engineering environment and working on a wide variety of problems at the forefront of interdisciplinary applied mathematics and engineering science fundamentals, especially the application of advanced modern mathematical techniques to engineering science and vice versa.

Research is in engineering science fundamentals, especially the cusp-interface between interdisciplinary applied mathematics, engineering science and complex multiscale systems. Systems of interest are in the twilight zone between engineering science, physics, chemistry and biology.

Accordion example

Research interests

  • General applied mathematics
  • Computational science and engineering
  • Statistical mechanics
  • Multiscale fluid mechanics

What drives us

We undertake the detailed theoretical analysis of a number of challenging problems at the interface between applied mathematics, complex multiscale systems and engineering systems, at the highest level internationally. Some of the very ambitious and exciting projects are highlighted on our projects page. These projects are of paramount scientific and technological significance. The suggested solutions represent new avenues of inquiry for which there is no existing theory. Using cutting-edge analytical and computational tools we are trying to develop a generic fundamental understanding of several complex engineering science systems. The ultimate goal is the establishment of rational theoretical frameworks for the study of such systems that will ultimately result in a step-change of their fundamental understanding.