Prasun Raychart

Course description

Research in science and engineering often requires working with sizeable datasets with large numbers of variables. The Pandas package in Python provides a powerful set of tools for data analysis, database management, and scientific computing. This short course provides a concise introduction to Pandas and covers the following topics:

  • working with series and dataFrames
  • basic statistical analysis and filtering data
  • grouping and merging datasets
  • data input/output and working with missing data

The course will take place 7th June, 13:00-17:00, Central librart, ICT training room 204. Basic proficiency with Python and Numpy is needed; review material is available here.                                                

Registration and getting started

Students interested in attending the course should fill out the short online form here

The classes will take place in computer labs, however students have the option of working on their own laptops.