What to do following a theft:

  1. As soon as you discover the theft, ring Security (4444 internal / 020 7589 1000 external). They will come over to the scene of the theft immediately. If you do not have access to an office/phone and your mobile is one of the things you have had stolen, any member of staff will let you use their office to ring Security and make any other important calls (see below). There is no need to ring the Police as well, as Security liaise with them closely on all College thefts (but see point 4 below).

  2. If you have all the details with you, cancel any debit or credit cards immediately and ring your mobile phone company if your mobile has been stolen.

  3. Tell the Department Office, about the theft. They'll liaise with Security and pass on any feedback to you.

  4. Ring the Police if you want to, but see point 1 above. However, you must report the theft to the Police if you intend to make a claim for the stolen items on your insurance policy and the Police will provide you with a crime number for this purpose.

  5. Ring your insurance company to report the theft. Unfortunately the College can accept no liability for theft of, or damage to, staff and students’personal belongings. You are advised not to bring items of substantial value to the College and should make your own arrangements for insuring your property if necessary. Universities are open environments which none of us would like to see changed. However, this does mean that we have to take special care to ensure that College and personal equipment and possessions are kept safe.