Our ten academic departments are all located on the South Kensington campus, giving a concentration of talent that creates a stimulating and vibrant research culture, which promotes multidisciplinary collaborations and attracts internationally leading researchers and scholars.

Institutes and research centres

The multidisciplinary research institutes and centres at Imperial provide a platform for our world leading researchers to collaborate and focus on significant research challenges.

By harnessing previously dispersed research capability, the Faculty's model for supporting cross-College multidisciplinary research provides space for new and existing activities to flourish and translate research outcomes into products, processes and services that benefit wider society.


Research centres by strategy theme

Transition to zero pollution

Sargent Centre for Process Systems Engineering
Multi-institute research centre applying a process systems engineering approach to managing systems involving physical and chemical change.
Director: Professor Claire Adjiman                           

Centre for Systems Engineering and Innovation  
Enhancing the capacity of the construction industry using the application of systems engineering in the built environment.           
Directors: Professor Jennifer Whyte and Dr Ana Mijic              

London Centre for Nanotechnology     
Combining the skills of researchers engaged in nano research activities across departments at both Imperial College London and University College London.        
Director: Professor Sandrine Heutz    
Sustainable Gas Institute                        
Directors: Professor Nigel Brandon and Dr Adam Hawkes                      

Engineering resilient and secure infrastructure

Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics                                 
Science and engineering applications of structural ceramics
Director: Professor Eduardo Saiz Gutierrez                         
Centre for Nuclear Engineering           
A multidisciplinary research and teaching group dedicated to nuclear engineering and science.
Director: Dr Michael Bluck                                                                  

The Composites Centre                                
Researching a range of composite materials, including polymer, ceramic and metal matrix materials, nano, short and long fibre reinforcement types.
Director: Professor Emile Greenhalgh                                                                   
Centre for Transport Studies               
Multidisciplinary research and teaching in relation to transport and communication systems, services, products and technologies.
Director: Professor Washington Ochieng        

Robotic Additive Manufacturing Lab
A national facility dedicated to advanced large-scale metal 3D printing, with a focus on the construction sector.
Director: Dr Craig Buchanan                                                                           

Rolls-Royce Nuclear University Technology Centre                 
Addressing nuclear engineering research in partnership with Rolls-Royce.
Director: Dr Michael Bluck                                                         
Rolls-Royce Vibration University Technology Centre              
A focus for fundamental and applied research projects in the area of vibration, of direct relevance to the aerospace and power generation industries.
Director: Professor David Nowell                                          
Shell Advanced Interfacial Materials Sciences (AIMS) Centre
Director: Professor Mary Ryan                                                                                                                 

AI and machine learning for engineering applications

Centre for Cryptocurrency Research and Engineering            
A leading international centre for ongoing research and application activity related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.
Director: Professor Will Knottenbelt                                             
DSI Future Digital Ocean Innovation Centre                             
Director: Professor Julie McCann                                          

Dyson Robotics Lab                               
Developing computer vision programmes that will enable robots to move beyond their controlled environments and successfully navigate the real world.
Director: Professor Andrew Davison                                                                  

Affordable technologies for an ageing society

Centre for Bio-Inspired Technology
Inventing, developing and demonstrating devices to meet global challenges in healthcare, taking inspiration from biological systems.
Director: Professor Chris Toumazou                                                                  
London Centre for Nanotechnology 
Combining the skills of researchers engaged in nano research activities across departments at both Imperial College London and University College London.
Director: Professor Milo Shaffer                                                                  
Pharmaceutical Systems Engineering Lab (PharmaSEL)     
Director: Professor Claire Adjiman


Core engineering

Centre for Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (CMSE)   
Integrate and build a community of researchers to bring powerful new methods into engineering and science practice.
Directors: Professor Demetrios Papageorgiou and Professor Paul Kelly                       
IARC - Impacts and Astromaterials Research Centre  
Addressing a wide range of fundamental planetary science questions ranging from the origins of the Solar System to the continuing evolution of the planets, asteroids and comets.             
Director: Dr Matthew Genge                                                     
Caterpillar Innovation and Research Centre (I&RC)          
Directors: Professor Ricardo Martinez-Botas and Dr Aaron Costall

CRRC Sifang-Imperial Centre for Rail Transportation Manufacturing Technologies 
Developing rail technologies to streamline the construction and testing of high speed trains.                                       
Director: Professor Jianguo Lin 
Shell Digital Rocks LAB                          
Director: Professor Geoff Maitland                                                                  
Shell University Technology Centre (UTC) for Fuels and Lubricants 
Gaining insights into spray formation, deposit effects and combustion characteristics to further our understanding of formulating fuels for modern engine technologies.                                                                
Directors: Professor Hugh Spikes and Professor Daniele Dini                                           
SKF University Technology Centre      
Applying research to real SKF applications such as prolonging the life of rolling element bearings in difficult environments and decreasing energy consumption by reducing bearing friction.
Director: Professor Hugh Spikes and Associate Director Dr Amir Kadiric                       
COMAC - Imperial Research Centre for Wing Technology of Commercial Aircraft 
Directors: Professor Bamber Blackman and Professor Spencer Sherwin             

Petronas Centre         
Director: Professor Omar Matar 

All research centres

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