Seminars are held online from 12.15-12.45 every Friday during term.

Titles are usually announced a few days before each seminar. For more details please contact Dr Emanuele Galiffi.

2020/2021 Seminar Schedule

DateSpeakerType of TalkTitleGroup
 09/10/2020    Informal meeting    
 16/10/2020  Dr. Emanuele Galiffi (contrib. Dr. Kun Ding, Daigo Our)  Introductory Plasmonics & Metamaterials  Pendry 
 23/10/2020  Prof. Mike Finnis Introductory  Some unusual aspects of diffusion in materials science   Finnis
 30/10/2020  Peru D'Ornellas Introductory  Topological Insulators  Lee 
 06/11/2020  Dr. Johannes Lischner  Overview Towards an understanding of the phase diagram of twisted bilayer graphene   Lischner
 13/11/2020  Dr. Valerio Vitale (contrib. ChengCheng Xiao)  Introductory Density Functional Theory  Mostofi 
 20/11/2020  Prof. Sir John Pendry  Overview  tbc  Pendry
 27/11/2020  Dr. Kun Ding Research  tbc  Pendry 
 04/12/2020  Hongzheng Zhao Introductory  Many-Body Localization and Non-Ergodicity in Quantum Systems  Knolle 
 11/12/2020  Prof. Ortwin Hess Overview  tbc   Hess
18/12/2020   Max Falkenberg  Introductory  The amazing world of networks  Christensen 
Christmas break        
 15/01/2021  Prof. Matthew Foulkes Overview  tbc  Foulkes 
 22/01/2021  Dr. Derek Lee Overview  tbc  Lee 
 29/01/2021  Dr. Johannes Knolle Overview   tbc Knolle 
 05/02/2021  Prof. Dimitri Vvedensky Overview  tbc  Vvedensky 
 12/02/2021  Prof. Arash Mostofi Overview  tbc  Mostofi 
 19/02/2021 Dr Emanuele Galiffi Overview   tbc Pendry 
 26/02/2021  Prof Kim Christensen Research  tbc  Christensen 
 05/03/2021  Dr Willian Natori Research  tbc  Knolle
 12/03/2021  Tom Hodson/Christopher Bradley Research  tbc  Knolle/Foulkes
 19/03/2021  Peru D'Ornellas Research  Local Topological Markers  Lee/Pendry 
 26/03/2021  Tom Yates/Max Falkenberg Research  tbc  Foulkes/Christensen 
Easter break        
 30/04/2021 Mathieu Dos Santos/Lizhen Lu Research  tbc  Lee/Pendry 
 07/05/2021 Yiming Lai/Milan Radic Research  tbc  Hess/Lee 
 14/05/2021 Bingshen Chen/Alberto Ciacci  Research tbc  Christensen/Christensen
 21/05/2021  Joseph Sykes  Research  tbc  (Maths)
 28/05/2021 Mike Finnis  Research  tbc  Finnis
 04/06/2021 Sergei Dudarev  Research  Simple models for radiation effects in fusion reactor materials  Dudarev
 11/06/2021 Daigo Oue  Research  tbc  Pendry
 18/06/2021  David Christian Aurel Meine  Research    Vvedensky
 25/06/2021  tbc      
Summer Break

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