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Day 1: Development Enablers: What is climate change risk management and why is it important to my organisation?

   13.00 - 17.00(GMT)

Session 1:  “So what?”  Stakeholder insights and research

Different perspectives on climate change and what this means for us and our organisations.

Session 2:  Climate change risk assessment:

Practical identification of different types of risk posed by climate change on us and also by us on climate change.

Session 3:  What does this mean for your organisation?

International guidelines and regulatory expectations and link to your organisation's strategy.

Day 2: Execution Enablers: Tools and techniques for optimising your climate change risk management.

   13.00 - 17.00 (GMT)

Session 4: Effective governance framework

Ensuring understanding and leadership from the top of your organisation.

Session 5: Manage the risks – achieve resilience

Proactive and reactive enterprise risk management for climate change risks.

Session 6: Embed risk-based decision making for climate change risks

Establish a baseline together with measurement and clear reporting framework