msc civil engineering

October 2023 - March 2024

Course details

  • Duration: part time over 10 weeks
  • Fees:
    - £1000 per module
    - £250 per examination (not compulsory)
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If you are interested in refreshing or updating your skills, or learning something new, but cannot commit to study full time, you should consider MSc modules some of which we offer as "stand alone" units alongside some purpose made short courses.

Imperial College London through its Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering has a long history of both teaching and research in a wide range of fields, which are central to the development of Civil Engineering. The Department also has many international contacts with both companies and individual professionals.

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Modular courses

The range of modules available are grouped within the following subject areas: Environmental Engineering, Geotechnics, Advanced Structural Engineering and Transport. Others offer external applicants the opportunity to join some of  taught MSc modules. These courses are delivered on a modular basis during the Autumn and Spring terms, and are available to professionals, who, while not wishing to register for an MSc degree, wish to acquire additional specialist training. Provision of these modules are dependent upon demand.

Please note:

  • MSc modules undertaken for CPD purposes will in no way contribute to, or be considered part of, an MSc Programme at Imperial College London.
  • The terms are: Autumn (October to December) and Spring (January to March) every year
  • Core modules will be offered only if there are sufficient places available
  • Elective modules will be offered only if there is sufficient demand

Modules offered for CPD

Please click on the links below for Modules offered in each term: 

How to apply

The first step is to select a module(s) of interest. Once you selected the module you would like to attend  please email us your up-to-date CV (Resume) and a brief cover letter explaining why you would like to attend the course. This will then be forwarded to the course organisers and you will be notified if you have been successful or not.


For those wishing to undertake the relevant examination, or where examination is stipulated, there is an additional administrative charge of £250 per examination, for which a transcript is issued.