General Information


  • Introduction
  • What is Analog Design?
  • Skillset for Analog IC Circuit Design
  • Trends in Analog IC Design
  • Notation, Terminology and Symbols


  • Submicron CMOS Technology
  • Deep Submicron CMOS Technology
  • Ultra-Deep Submicron CMOS and BiCMOS Technology
  • PN Junctions and CMOS Transistors
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors and Inductors
  • Latachup and ESD


  • Large Signal MOSFET Model
  • MOSFET Capacitor Model and Large Signal Model Dependence
  • Small SIgnal Models, Noise, Passive Components Models
  • Component Matching
  • Computer Models and Extraction of the Simple Large Signal Model 

Basic Circuits

  • MOS Switch
  • Current Sinks and Sources
  • Current Mirrors and Simple References
  • Bandgap References
  • Inverting Amplifier
  • Differential Amplifier
  • Low Input Resistance Amplifiers - CG, Cascode and Current Amplifiers
  • Output Amplifers

Operational Amplifiers

  • Compensation of Op Amps
  • Two-stage Op Amp Design
  • Cascode Op Amps
  • Simulation and Measurement of Ops

Specialized Operational Amplifiers

  • Buffered Amplifiers
  • High-Speed Op Amps
  • Differential-in, Differential-out Op Amps
  • Low Noise and Low Power Op Amps
  • Low Voltage Op Amps


  • Open-loop Comparators
  • Improved Open-loop Comparators and Latches
  • High-speed comparators

Digital-analog & analog-digital converters

  • Characterization of DAC's and Current Scaling DAC's
  • Voltage and Charge Scaling and Serial DAC's, Improved Resolution
  • Characterization of ADC'samd Sample and Hold Circuits
  • Moderate Speed Nyquist ADC's
  • High Speed Nyquist ADC's
  • Oversampling ADC's - Part I
  • Oversampling ADC's - Part II