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  • Duration: 5 days
  • Fees: To be confirmed
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We offer a comprehensive, hands-on experience to better understand the science behind metabolic profiling using LC-MS.

Attendees will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn directly from internationally recognised leaders in the field;
  • Experience practical training in analytical techniques and data handling in our first-class facilities;
  • Gain experience of the most up-to-date instrumentation and methodology;
  • Enjoy excellent networking opportunities with IIPTC specialists and fellow trainees.

Course Aims

This week long course aims to cover how to perform a metabolic profiling experiment, from start to finish. It will include study design, sample preparation, the use of mass spectrometry for global profiling and targeted methodologies and data analysis.

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Learning objectives

  • To be able to design and conduct a metabolic profiling project using LC-MS methodologies
  • To be able to competently operate LC-MS instrumentation to acquire metabolic profiles of biological samples
  • To gain experience of untargeted and targeted LC-MS methodology, and the development of these approaches
  • To understand basic processing of LC-MS data, with some univariate and multivariate statistics

Learning and teaching methods

The course consists of:

  • Lectures covering the theory of LC-MS based metabolic profiling
  • Hands-on practical sessions on state of the art UPLC-MS systems
  • Data analysis hands on sessions
  • Trouble shooting and problem solving interactive sessions

Course benefits

We offer a unique course in LC-MS metabolic profiling, blending lectures and practical laboratory experience. Small attendee numbers ensure that there is maximum time to interact with experienced instructors. On completion of this course, participants should be able to design their own metabolic profiling experiments. They should be able to set up the appropriate instrumentation and assays to answer their specific analytical and biological questions. They will have gained sufficient knowledge in data analysis of metabolic profiling data in order to approach their data handling in an appropriate manner.

Who should attend?

Our courses are designed for customers from universities, research institutions and industry who wish to expand their knowledge of specific analytical areas for metabolic profiling, including:

  • Laboratory workers who wish to improve their knowledge and technical skills and develop the best practice techniques for their own laboratories;
  • Laboratory managers who need to learn about study design, sample collection and handling and understand the analytical techniques behind metabolic profiling;
  • PhD students and post-doctoral researchers wanting to develop expertise to apply to their own research, including sample preparation, analytical techniques, data processing and interpretation.


All participants will be awarded an Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.

This event has been awarded 30 CPD credits by the Royal Society of Medicine in accordance with its current guidelines.

Comments from past participants

The quality of the lectures in terms of content and the way the topics were presented by the lecturers was extraordinary. "

The hands-on part of the course was designed  by instructors in a way that every attendee had time to work with the instruments. "   

The hands-on part of the course was designed  by instructors in a way that every attendee had time to work with the instruments. "