19 September 2019 - POSTPONED - TBC

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  • Duration: A half day workshop
  • Fees: Places are pre-paid by lambeth Public Health and are limited - so book early
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A half day training workshop open to all clinical and non-clinical GP staff on how to achieve healthy weight in adults through a lifestyle approach.

Unhealthy weight and obesity is a growing problem in all regions of the UK and for both adults and children. As well as a major public health concern and of significant impact to individual health and quality of life, there is a significant impact on the National Health Service.

We know that GPs are trusted by patients as sources of advice and guidance for addressing unhealthy weight, but following such advice and making change is a challenge. GPs also lack time and sometimes the resources to provide the best advice at the best time.

The knowledge and advice of GPs imparted in a short consultation, using the techniques of effective brief intervention can have a significant impact in motivating and supporting positive change towards healthy lifestyles and healthy weight.

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Course aims

The aim of the programme is to provide a robust, comprehensive and evidence-based workforce development and capacity building programme for General Practitioners and their health and non-healthcare staff. Specifically, this programme aims to:

  • Enhance knowledge of participants with evidence-based information on how to achieve healthy weight in adults through a lifestyle approach which acknowledges the role of food, nutrition, physical activity, and social determinants,
  • Enhance skills of participants in raising the issue and supporting behaviour change,
  • Enhance skills of participants in delivering high quality brief intervention using motivational interviewing techniques including assessment of readiness to change, signposting, and then maintenance of a healthy weight.

The resources and delivery of the programme will be a) specific to Lambeth’s public health profile and adult weight management pathway, b) sufficiently differentiated for the relevant communities of practice (e.g. specialist and non-specialist workforce) and professionals to assure a common baseline knowledge, competencies and confidence which lead to effective change in the populations of focus.

The population focus is on adults (18 years and older) in at risk categories, as defined by: weight/BMI; pre-diabetes; raised cholesterol; mental health issues; pre-existing medical conditions, socio-economic status.

Benefits of attending

Through this interactive workshop and supplementary resources participants will:

  • Learn how to apply proven-methods of coaching and behaviour change
  • Feel more confident to sign-post patients
  • Get the opportunity to network and learn from colleagues
  • Be able to embed learning leading to positive impact on their respective practices
  • Be better equipped to address long-term conditions
  • Receive an Imperial College Certificate of Attendance 
  • Claim CPD hours

Who should attend?

The course is designed for all clinical and non-clinical GP staff across Lambeth.

Course methods and accreditation

The programme will be delivered as a half day training workshop consisting of lectures and hands-on practical sessions.

Delivery will be at the practice level, to clusters of practices, or open to all practices at a neutral venue at one time. A pragmatic and flexible approach will be agreed following the development and consultation phase. Ongoing review will inform changes in strategy, which will be well documented to ensure future learning.


All participants will receive an Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance on completion of the workshop.