Provisional schedule

Day 1
Welcome and introduction  Dr Margaret Coffey
09.15‑9.55 Revision of pre & post laryngectomy anatomy and physiology, surgical deconstruction and reconstruction. "Normal" post laryngectomy swallow and voice production Mr Alasdair Mace
10.10‑11.00 The management of laryngectomy patients during and beyond Covid 19 Ms Katherine Behanna
11.00‑11.10 Break  
11.10‑12.00 Complications related to swallowing post laryngectomy and their management Ms Camilla Dawson
12.10‑13.00 Protocol for VF Assessment after Laryngectomy Dr Margaret Coffey
13.00‑14.00 Lunch break  
14.00‑14.50 Review of one standard laryngectomy VF assessment Dr Margaret Coffey
15.00‑15.45 Defining and modifying vibratory segment tonicity Dr Margaret Coffey
15.45‑16.00 Break  

How to perfom and interpret the findings of an Air Insufflation Assessment

Dr Margaret Coffey
16.40 Finish  
Day 2
The Imaging Equipment and IR(ME)R Guidelines Dr Dominic Blunt
10.00‑11.00 Practise analysis of standard Lx VF assessments including air insufflations Dr Margaret Coffey
11.00‑11.30 Break  
11.30‑12.30 Outcome measures - SVR voice Dr Anne Hurren
12.30‑13.30 Lunch break  
13.30‑14.30 Surgical management of complications Mr Peter Clarke
14.30‑14.45 Break  
14.45‑15.45 Alternative methods, for TEP creation and prothesis placement including (Primary TEP, Secondary TEP and awake TEP). Management of hypertonicity/spasm using Dysport/Botox Mr Peter Clarke
15.55‑16.55 Management of severe hypertonicity and spasm with chemical neurectomy (Botox/Dysport). Practise analysis of standard Lx VF assessments Dr Margaret Coffey
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Day 3
Extensive surgery and implications for swallow and voice rehabilitation Dr Jonathan Bernstein 
10.00‑10.50 Maximizing swallow and voice post extensive surgery Dr Margaret Coffey
10.50‑11.15 Break  
11.15‑12.30 Practice analysis of VF assessments Dr Margaret Coffey & Mrs Lauren Murphy
12.30‑13.30 Lunch break  
13.30‑14.30 Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Dr Dorothy Gujral
14.30‑15.00 Break  
15.00‑15.45 Management of swallow and voice after laryngectomy, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and palliative care Grainne Brady
16.00‑17.00 Hyponotherapy as a therapeutic adjunct in HNC Dr Sarah Partridge
17.00 Finish  
Day 4
Voice prostheses: design, function, selection, placement and problem solving  Kate Young
10.00‑10.50 Management of complications at the TEP including problems related to central and peripheral leakage  Kate Ashforth
10.50‑11.15 Break  
11.15‑12.45 Practice analysis of VF assessments Dr Margaret Coffey & Mrs Lauren Murphy
12.45‑13.45  Lunch break  
13.45‑14.45 The future of advanced laryngeal cancer management Prof Martin Birchall
14.45‑15.15 Break  
15.15‑16.15 Outcome measures - swallow Dr Roganie Govender 
16.15‑17.00 FEES Dr Margaret Coffey
17.00 Finish  
Day 5
Oesophageal function post laryngectomy Dr Devinder Bansi
10.00‑10.50 Laryngectomy rehabilitation in India Arun Balaji 
10.50‑11.00 Break  
11.00‑12.30 Panel discussion: Mr Peter Clarke - Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon, Dr Margaret Coffey - SLT, Head and Neck/ENT, Dr Camilla Dawson - Consultant SLT, Mr Paul Pracy - Consultant ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon  
12.30‑13.30 Lunch  
13.30‑14.30 Group analysis of VF/panel discussion Dr Margaret Coffey
14.30‑15.30 Robotic resection of the larynx Zaid Awad 
15.30‑16.00 Question and Answer session Dr Margaret Coffey
16.00‑16.30 Course evaluation  
16.30 End of course