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Welcome to the Student Counselling and Mental Health Advice Service

We are here to support you 

The Student Counselling & Mental Health Advice Service are now offering in-person sessions, whilst also continuing to provide access to our services via online digital platforms. You can sign up to the Counselling Service here, and you can view our SC&MHA service Covid-19 protocol here

Please note in order to work with you we require you to be registered with a GP/doctor. If you are not registered with a GP, you may wish to do this now so there is no delay to your initial appointment with a counsellor. The Imperial College Health Centre are great and quick to register new patients, you can find out more information here.

While we will endeavour to see all students as quickly as possible, we are currently experiencing high demand for appointments. 

We are more than happy to support you, but would encourage you to also self-refer to your local IAPT (psychological therapies) service, so you can see which of us become available to you first (though we will be able to offer you an initial conversation within the next few weeks, there will be a further wait following this for your ongoing sessions depending on your counsellors waitlist). You can find your local IAPT service here.

We would also like to highlight the support that is available to you via your departmental Wellbeing Advisers. Wellbeing Advisers are able to talk with you confidentially 1-2-1 about anything that’s on your mind, and they can further signpost you to the correct support available to you and your circumstances. Find the name of your departmental Wellbeing Adviser (or equivalent) here

Lastly, if you are registered with the Imperial College Health Centre, they too can offer in-house counselling, and currently have availability. You can be referred for this via the GP, and again could see which service becomes available to you first.

Y‌ou can sign up to our workshops on Managing Stress, Procrastination, Mindfulness and Sleep here

You can also contact us directly at Emails are being monitored Mon-Fri within the hours of 9:00 until 17:00 except during bank holidays and college closure dates. We have lots of other sources of help and support in the boxes below that you may find useful.

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