Lacemaker vascular surgeons

Investigating how we interact with cultural heritage objects

Example projects

Cultural heritage smartphone app PLUGGY

Pluggable Social Platform for Heritage Awareness and Participation - Lorenzo Picinali is the Imperial College PI on this EU-H2020 project aimed at promoting citizens' active involvement in Europe's rich cultural heritage. Imperial's work focuses on the development of an application for creating sonic narratives from non-audio materials, and will lead the user evaluation. 

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Discovery through doing in science and craft 

Science and medicine are no more purely cognitive than the arts. All subjects depend on performance, technical skill, observation, dexterity and the ability to work under pressure. The skills and techniques of craftspeople shared through collaborations can teach new or improved ways of working. Examples include lacemaking used to heighten surgeons' awareness when handling suture thread and puppetry finger exercises to prepare surgeons for manipulating rods in minimally-invasive surgery. 

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Image credit: James Mason Photography, Imperial College London