Project Title: Closed-loop, personalized brain stimulation intervention for impairment of cognitive control
Supervisor: Dr Nir Grossman
Location: C3L, Burlington Danes Building, Hammersmith Campus, Du Cane Road, W12 0NN

About Me

My goal is to help pioneer novel biotechnologies for the treatment of intractable brain disorders. I am currently involved in the use of closed-loop sensory stimulation to bi-directionally modulate cognitive control. A key research aim is to develop mechanistic models that offer quantitative accounts of brain dynamics and behaviour.


  • Degree qualifications: BSc Neuroscience, MSc Translational Neuroscience, MRes Neurotechnology
  • Course specialisations: Computational Neuroscience, Mathematics for Machine Learning, Deep Learning.

Research Interests 

  • Neural syntax and the role of brain oscillations in attention and working memory.
  • Closed-loop sensory and electrical stimulation using EEG.
  • Quantitative modelling of dynamical systems and behaviour.

Presentations and Conferences

A poster on ‘EEG time frequency analysis and inverse modelling in post-traumatic amnesia’ was presented at the Academy of Medical Sciences winter meeting (2017)

Contact Details