Sensors and Characterisation PlatformsSensors are omnipresent in our society and are playing a great role in the development of new technologies, such as robotic and automation, wearable electronics ,quantum technologies, molecular sciences and renewable energy generation. Such a strong technological momentum is driving the rapid evolution of the fields of digital technology, smart and large scale manufacturing. The development of new sensing platforms enables a wide range of optical, electrical, chemical characterisation, which play a fundamental role in the digital manufacturing and reproducibility as well as in the product development and quality validation. Ultrafast sensing and characterisation are powerful tools to reduce labour-intensive processes and supports the development of sustainable manufacturing platforms.

The Sensor and Characterisation pillar aims to foster the development of ever innovative and miniaturized sensors, by the promotion of novel materials and groundbreaking technologies, and to facilitate the development of sensing technologies and characterisation techniques for efficient and more automated lab-work. This will improve reproducibility of the research processes in the labs by accurate and real-time monitoring of synthesis and production processes, and streamline technology transfer and industrial uptake. A complete characterisation of process outputs and multimodal sensing approach will provide a cluster of data to validate computational predictions, and also feed into computational approaches and artificial intelligence algorithms to drive further material discoveries and design of molecules for future emerging applications.

Dr Felice TorrisiProfessor Gavin Davies
Sensors and Characterisation Platforms co-Lead  Sensors and Characterisation Platforms co-Lead
 Felice Torrisi Gavin Davies 
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