Privacy note

The Disability Advisory Service (DAS) provides confidential advice and support for all disabled students. DAS will collect personal information from students where this is necessary to deliver those services.

The Data Protection Act is the appropriate lawful basis for processing this information and is a ‘legal obligation’. The Equalities Act obliges the College to ensure that we do not discriminate against a student in the way we provide education or enable access to a benefit, facility or service. The DAS is one of the ways that the College meets that obligation.

Where organisations process “special category” personal data, which includes information relating to physical or mental health, they must identify a further condition for processing to justify processing that information. The further (Schedule 1) condition for processing special category data applicable to the Disability Advisory Service is Employment, social security and social protection. The service offered by DAS is “social protection”, the definition of which includes “all interventions from public or private bodies intended to relieve households and individuals of the burden of a defined set of risks or needs” the “risks or needs” include healthcare and disability.

Personal information about students using DAS will be obtained primarily from the students themselves or from medical professionals with the students’ consent. Where relevant, information may also be shared with Student Finance, with consent.

DAS will usually hold the following information about students using the service: evidence of disability, medical records, case-notes and records of correspondence.

DAS will only share information about students within the college where necessary to meet their support needs as set out in the ‘consent to share’ forms that students are asked to sign. The exception to this is where there is a clear danger to the student’s health and safety or to that of someone else.

DAS retain student records for a period of 6 years after the student has graduated or has left the College (if they did not graduate).

Further information about Imperial College’s data protection policyprivacy statement (PDF) and your data protection rights are available on the College website. Students wishing to exercise their data protection rights or who have any queries about how their personal information is processed should address them to Imperial College’s Data Protection Officer.

Will you share information about my disability with friends and family?

Once you enrol as a student at Imperial, the Disability Advisory Service will never discuss your disability or impairment with your friends or anyone in your family, unless we have been given specific, explicit, written consent to do so by yourself.