Autism is a lifelong developmental disability or impairment that affects how people perceive the world and interact with others.
Traits commonly associated with autism (please be aware, people with autism may have all or only some of these traits, and may experience some more strongly than others):
  • social communication difficulties;
  • challenges in forming relationships;
  • a strong preference for routine;
  • a dislike of sudden or unexpected changes;
  • a keen interest in detail;
  • requiring instructions and directions to be clear, direct and concise;
  • challenges in coping with noisy or crowded environments.  

What should I do next?

I am autistic

In order to receive any adjustments and support, you will need to submit your evidence and make an appointment with a disability adviser.  

I think I am autistic

If you are experiencing difficulties with your studies and think it is because you are autistic, you can get assessed via our service. The steps below explain how this happens:

  • you must first undergo a screening with the disability adviser;
  • if the results indicate the possibility of autism, you are given the option of being referred for a full diagnostic assessment with a clinical psychologist;
  • diagnostic assessments cost £95 and once you pay, we start the referral;
  • The Owl Centre carry out assessments. Once complete, they write a full report of their findings (this can take around 20 working days);
  • both you and DAS receive a copy of the report. We will ask you to make an appointment with a disability adviser to discuss the findings and if required, put in place any support or adjustments.

To start this journey, please make an appointment with a disability adviser.