On this page:
  • Room requirements and adaptations
  • Applying to stay in halls of residence after your first year

Room requirements and adaptations

Living away from home can be a daunting prospect, especially if you have health concerns, a disability or need additional support. Imperial can provide support and make adjustments for you in college accommodation, as long as you let us know what your requirements are in advance.
If you have specific room requirements, for example, an ensuite room due to a disability or impairment or a fridge to store medication needed in relation to a medical condition, you will need to notify the accommodation team. The Medical, wellbeing and disability page has further information.  
If you have a complex condition which involves more extensive rooming requirements, for example, powered doors or a hoist, we recommend you also get in contact with the Disability Advisory Service, as early as possible. It will also be possible to arrange a visit to the College to inspect our accommodation.  

Applying to stay in halls of residence after your first year

If you are an undergraduate student who can show a disability-related reason for needing to stay in halls of residence after the first year of study, you have the opportunity to apply to stay in halls of residence for the next academic year.  
DAS advisers are only able to support applications from students who are currently supported by the service and with:
  • mobility or sensory impairments;
  • or those who are on the autistic spectrum.
All other students will need to obtain support from one of the Health Centre Doctors or Faculty Senior Tutors.  
Decisions are made by a panel in the spring/summer term and are based on the priority of need.  Please email the Disability Advisory Service if you would like to discuss having your application supported by us.