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  • Journal article
    Aylin P, Jarup L, Cockings S, 2001,

    EUROHEIS (European health and environment information system)

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 12, Pages: S61-S61, ISSN: 1044-3983
  • Journal article
    Hansell A, Aylin P, 2001,

    The use of routine health data to facilitate health impact assessment

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 12, Pages: S71-S71, ISSN: 1044-3983
  • Journal article
    Hansell A, Bottle A, Shurlock L, Aylin Pet al., 2001,

    Accessing and using hospital activity data

    , JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH MEDICINE, Vol: 23, Pages: 51-56, ISSN: 0957-4832
  • Journal article
    Aylin P, Bottle A, Wakefield J, Jarup L, Elliott Pet al., 2001,

    Proximity to coke works and hospital admissions for respiratory and cardiovascular disease in England and Wales

    , THORAX, Vol: 56, Pages: 228-233, ISSN: 0040-6376
  • Journal article
    Aylin P, Spiegelhalter D, Best N, Murray GD, Elliott Pet al., 2001,

    Was Bristol an outlier? Authors reply

    , The Lancet, Vol: 358
  • Journal article
    Bottle A, Aylin P, Grossinho A, Elliott P, Sahsu EPet al., 2000,

    Hospital admissions for respiratory illness in children under five in a highly industrialised area in the North East of England.

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 11, Pages: S107-S107, ISSN: 1044-3983
  • Journal article
    Grossinho A, Bottle A, Aylin P, Colvile R, Jarup L, Elliott Pet al., 2000,

    Atmospheric dispersion modelling to assess population exposure around point sources of pollution in the Teesside area (UK)

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 11, Pages: S111-S111, ISSN: 1044-3983
  • Journal article
    Cockings S, Lars J, Aylin P, Elliott P, Poulstrup A, Reuterwall C, Pekkanen J, Martuzzi M, Ferrandiz J, Staines A, Richardson Set al., 2000,

    A European Health and Environment Information System for disease and exposure mapping and risk assessment

    , EPIDEMIOLOGY, Vol: 11, Pages: S107-S107, ISSN: 1044-3983

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