Start and end dates

From 2009 - ongoing


Project summary


Making healthcare safer is a worldwide movement, and the first step in improving standards is measurement. As part of our involvement in the NIHR North West London Patient Safety Research Collaboration , we process large routine databases covering general practice and hospitals to define indicators of patient safety. We mostly use Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data but are increasingly exploring the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD, a primary care database linked to HES and death registrations). For our related work in primary care see our research page Effective use of patient data.

Further projects funded by Dr Foster include:

  • Trouble-free pathways:  in this project we investigate the proportion of patients whose journey through the healthcare system is without adverse events as a potential, patient-centered indicator aligned directly with the goal of patient safety-freedom from harm. We are also currently looking to apply this indicator to Australian hospital data.
  • Association between patient and general practice characteristics and unplanned first-time admissions for cancer:  in this project we attempted to identify patient and general practice (GP) characteristics associated with emergency (unplanned) first admissions for cancer in secondary care.


  • To derive indicators of patient safety in general practice, specifically around missed or delayed diagnosis
  • To derive new hospital indicators of patient safety
  • To extend our English work to databases from other countries, such as Germany and Australia


Peer-reviewed publications

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