BANDGAP (Bright And Noble Durrantites Generating Artful Photophysics) is the annual conference held by and for the Durrant group. Started in 2003 as an annual away day, the conference became an opportunity to catch up with the group’s activities since 2016. The 2-3 day conference offers all postdocs and PhD students a chance to discuss their research, challenges and ideas with others. There is also plenty of time to enjoy outdoor activities, sightseeing and relaxing with the group!


The Durrant group is always keen to showcase our research through outreach activities. We are keen to inspire the next generation of scientists and have participated in multiple festivals, including the annual Imperial Festival and exhibitions with the Science Museum. Durrant Group researchers have also been supporters of the Youth and Science program in Spain where we showcased artificial photosynthesis to a group of bright, young students. As a group we are committed to outreach and always looking for new opportunities to inspire with our research.


Collaboration and teamwork is key in research so the Durrant group holds regular group socials to allow members to interact and unwind. Socials have included day trips to Brighton, Hyde Park picnics, winter party in James house!