The Durrant group is always keen to showcase our research through outreach activities within and outside Imperial college. We are keen to inspire the next generation of scientists and have participated in multiple festivals, including the annual Imperial Festival and exhibitions with the Science Museum. Durrant Group researchers have also been supporters of the Youth and Science program in Spain where we showcased artificial photosynthesis to a group of bright, young students. Group members are actively engaged into advocating clean energy technologies, artificial photosynthesis and spreading the word for sustainable energy techonology to control current climate change and C02 emission. As a group we are committed to outreach and always looking for new opportunities to inspire with our research.


Joves i Ciència (Youth and Science) program in Spain, July 2019

Researchers from the Durrant group has been involved with the scheme since 2013, offering unique opportunities for Spanish school students to experience projects across different fields and work with researchers.  In the programme, the  school students will stay in the Pyrenees,  will have a placement at local research centres and  will be offered a chances of international visits including to our Durrant group at Imperial.

 Camilo and Michael in the Pyrenees with the students for their residential stay


During the artificial photosynthesis project,  which is led by our researchers,  students learned about semiconductor physics, catalysis and fuel cells. They applied this knowledge to experiments on solar-driven water splitting and dye-sensitised solar cells, in addition to racing their solar powered hydrogen cars. 

Few Photos from this programme

The Durrant group and the CPE at the Great Exhibition Road Festival, June 2019




The Durrant group presenting ‘The Solar Generation’ @ Imperial Lates: Wonder Women, March 2019

p1This after-hours event was open to the public to celebrate the work of scientists and engineers at imperial through exhibitions, demonstrations and activities. The evening event highlighted the inspiring work of women at Imperial to mark International Women’s Week-2019.

Imperial Festival, April 2018

Imperial Festival, May 2017




Imperial Festival, May 2016