Collaboration and teamwork is key in research so the Durrant group holds regular group socials to allow members to interact and unwind. Socials have included day trips to Brighton, walk in green parks, Hyde Park picnics, winter parties in James house!


Durrant group eyeing Brighton Shores from the top of i360 - Summer 2016

In 2016, a day trip was  arranged to a newly opened i360 tower in Brighton beach. The view  from the top was stunning! The group enjoyed famous fish & Chip lunch in the sandy beach. We all had lot of fun swiming, wave gazing,  shore walking and going to funfair at very end of the day. It was a real summer treat from James!


Caption: British Airways i360 Tower


Caption: View from top of the tower

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Caption: Let us take group photo! Some are still missing!

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Caption: After famous fish and chips, time to sunbed!

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Caption: Group before leave

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Caption: A quick research Chitchat!

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Caption: Fun at funfair

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Caption: Wave....