As a group, we are dedicated to research for the development of renewable, low cost energy technologies which harness solar energy to produce electricity, for example, processable solar cells and molecular fuels, such as hydrogen generation produced by splitting water.

To fulfill this aim, we have state of the art facilities which are all housed in the MSRH building. Our facilities have three main capabilities. The fabrication facilities enable us to carry out device development and functional characterisation, including studies of materials and device stability by employing a wide range of molecular, polymeric and inorganic materials. The characterisation facilities enable us to characterise devices and materials produced within the group and serve as a testing station for benchmarking new materials which have potential applications in photovoltaics. Finally, the spectroscopy facilities comprise of different time scale laser facilities, ranging from seconds to nano seconds. This gives access to spectroscopic and photochemical studies of materials and processes driven by light accessing electrons and energy transfer reactions. Please visit our individual facilities pages to know more about our facilities.

The group is well equipped to study all aspects of photochemistry, device fabrication and characterisation. We also frequently collaborate and share our facilities with other departments and colleges.