The Vibration University Technology Centre (VUTC) was founded in 1990 with the aid of a major grant from Rolls-Royce plc in order to provide a focus for vibration research, which is of direct relevance to aerospace and power generation industries.

The VUTC has made a significant industrial impact by delivering a wide range of solutions and capabilities in several critical areas.



Professor David Nowell
Professor of Machine Dynamics, Director of Vibration University Technology Centre
Room 561, Tel. 020 7594 1458

Dr Christoph Schwingshackl
Senior Lecturer
Room 559, Tel 020 7594 1920

Dr Sina Stapelfeldt, Research Fellow
Room 557, Tel 020 7594 7076

Dr Loïc Salles, Research Fellow
Room 556, Tel 020 7594 2243

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Research staff

Open Plan Room 562

  • Dr Fadi el Haddad
  • Dr Mashy Green
  • Dr Luke Muscutt
  • Dr Michal Szydlowski
  • Dr Prathiban Sureshkumar
  • Dr Aykut Tamer
  • Dr Jie Yuan
  • Dr Fanzhou Zhao

Research students

  • Mr Jiří Blahoš
  • Mr Alfredo Fantetti
  • Mr Jonah Harris
  • Mr Alexander Haslam
  • Mr Daniel Heller
  • Mr Vinko Jezercic
  • Ms Eve Lian
  • Mr Yaozhi Lu
  • Mr Tom Mace
  • Mr Sam Mitchell
  • Mr Jose Moreno
  • Mr Giuliano Tuzzi
  • Ms Alessandra Vizzaccaro

Support staff

Mr Peter Higgs - Administrator
Room 555, Tel 020 7594 7078