The Vibration University Technology Centre (VUTC) was founded in 1990 with the aid of a major grant from Rolls-Royce plc in order to provide a focus for vibration research, which is of direct relevance to aerospace and power generation industries.

The VUTC has made a significant industrial impact by delivering a wide range of solutions and capabilities in several critical areas.


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Research staff

Open Plan Room 562

  • Dr Fadi el Haddad
  • Dr Mashy Green
  • Dr Luke Muscutt
  • Dr Michal Szydlowski
  • Dr Prathiban Sureshkumar
  • Dr Aykut Tamer
  • Dr Jie Yuan
  • Dr Fanzhou Zhao

Research students

  • Mr Jiří Blahoš
  • Mr Alfredo Fantetti
  • Mr Jonah Harris
  • Mr Alexander Haslam
  • Mr Daniel Heller
  • Mr Vinko Jezercic
  • Ms Eve Lian
  • Mr Yaozhi Lu
  • Mr Tom Mace
  • Mr Sam Mitchell
  • Mr Jose Moreno
  • Mr Giuliano Tuzzi
  • Ms Alessandra Vizzaccaro

Support staff

Mr Peter Higgs - Administrator
Room 555, Tel 020 7594 7078