Following recommendations from the Digital Education Platforms Review (DEPR), the College is developing a more unified approach to digital teaching, learning and assessment product usage and procurement. 

Notification of new requirements relating to digital teaching, learning and assessment activities should follow the process below.

1.      Initially discuss your requirements with your EdTech Lab. They may be aware of a product or process already in use in College that could meet your requirements.  Alternatively, they may be aware of activities related to the requirements that are under consideration by the relevant Teaching and Learning Board Sub-Group.  They can advise accordingly and contribute your requirements to any ongoing activity. 

2.      If there is currently no product or activity underway, you should complete the ‘Notification of New Digital Education Requirements’ form, describing your use case and the requirements that a product would need to support your use case. It is important that you provide as much information as possible. You may mention any potential products that you are aware of at this stage, but you should not reach out to suppliers directly. Recommendations for specific products must be determined as part of the activity of the relevant Teaching and Learning Sub-Group, following the defined procurement process, with suppliers being contacted in compliance with step 7 below. 

3.      Your requirements will be raised by your EdTech Lab representative at the appropriate Teaching and Learning Board Sub-Group. These are:

4.      The relevant Sub-Group will consider your requirements  and use case against the College Learning and Teaching Strategy.  This provides an opportunity for the relevant Sub-Group to discuss and share any alternative provision that may be in place at faculty or College level.

5.      If the Sub-Group determines they should take action to consider your requirements further, this recommendation will be raised for approval by the Teaching and Learning Board.  The board may approve further work or instruct not to pursue.

6.      Once approved by the Teaching and Learning Board, the activity will be added to the sub-groups’ backlog and will be prioritised against other sub-group activities.  The priority will inform when the activity commences.

7.      ICT Digital Education Innovation Services ensures legal considerations, such as Data Protection Impact Assessment, security checks, accessibility checks and procurement procedures, are followed for all Sub-Groups activities.

8.      Your local EdTech Lab contact will keep you informed of progress throughout the process.  


Activity Expectations

  • Activities are a collaboration between ICT, EdTech Labs and teaching staff in departments.  
  • It may be determined that there are no suitable products available to meet the requirements of the proposed use case.
  • A cost/benefit analysis will be undertaken to the ensure the financial implications of adopting any new product are in line with the expected benefits for the College.
  • Activities will not commence until resourcing has been agreed.

Process Diagram