Digital Education Innovation - Be Creative

We are here to help you articulate your needs and find tools to support them.

The Digital Education Innovation team provide subject matter expertise and innovative technical solutions to the Imperial College Ed-tech community, closely collaborating with Faculty representatives and ICT teams to design, configure and introduce new services that enhance teaching and learning.

Services offered 

  • Organising and coordinating the introduction of new teaching and learning applications, prioritised by the Teaching and Learning Board sub-groups.
  • Institution wide needs evaluation - articulating objectives and analysing needs of all Imperial departments. 
  • Solution identification – assisting in finding the most appropriate platform that meets set requirements. 
  • Evaluation through managed pilot – organise and manage trial implementation and testing. 
  • Software compliance advice - coordinate reviews of security, privacy, and accessibility. 
  • Liaise with product vendors – report on procurement and licencing. 
  • Implementation of a successfully piloted solution – ensure that selected product is fully supported and integrated with existing ICT architecture and processes.  

Working with College to deliver solutions

The Digital Education Innovation team will present information to enable departmental colleagues to make key decisions regarding: 

  • Defining and agreeing requirements. 
  • Proposed software, platforms or services for investigation. 
  • Evaluating the testing of software, platforms or services. 

When collaborating on a pilot, there will be a defined support process suitable for that activity. For currently supported products or services, production tools or software (i.e. products listed on the Digital Education Platforms webpages), the usual support channels should be used (e.g. ASK or product pages on the ICT website).

Throughout the entire pilot process, the team will work closely with the sub-groups of the Teaching and Learning Board to find and implement solutions that deliver benefits to the entire institution. 

Commonly consulted governance groups include: 

Please note: If after pilot and evaluation, a proposed solution does not adequately fulfil the agreed requirements, it may be determined that a viable solution is not currently available.