Functionalization of nanopipettes for single molecule sensing, and SERS based single molecule detection

PratibhaNanopore-based sensors systems have proven to be exceptionally powerful in detection of single biomolecule. Over the past two decades, many works have been done about fabrication, characterization and application of the nanopores. The main area of Dr. Goel is to fabricate external stimuli (optical and heating) responsive functionalized nanopipettes for enhanced sensitivity and reduced the noise of the nanopore for the DNA and gold nanoparticles detection. Further integration of optical measurement such as Raman with this nanopipette based single molecule detection system.


Postdoctoral Fellow, Imperial College London, UK
Project: Single molecule biosensor

National-Postdoctoral Fellow (N-PDF), NPL, New Delhi, India
Project: III-Nitride based gas sensor

Postdoctoral Fellow, Peking University, Beijing, China
Project: Enhanced evaporation on graphene-PDMS composite

Ph.D. in Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, GLAD & Nano CVD Group
Project: Study of silver nanostructure on flexible and patterned substrates



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