student and professor discussing work

‘Inclusive Excellence’ is the title of Imperial’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and is embedded in research projects within the Centre for Higher Education Research & Scholarship. Pursuing inclusive excellence means inclusion is a requirement of excellence and redefining notions and criteria of excellence. Projects within CHERS explore putting this sentiment into practice and how access and the student experience reflect notions of inclusive excellence and where improvements can be made.

A critical analysis of STEM fields is underway, pushing aside notions of the purity of science and exploring the ways in which bias and un-explored notions of meritocracy fuel unequal access into and progression through higher education. Research in this area aims to break down institutional silos to link related efforts in outreach, admissions, departments, professional services and community engagement and societal engagement. This research represents a shift in approach, placing diversity, equity, and inclusion at the core of educational excellence and the College’s mission. CHERS research goes beyond the College to explore practices at other institutions and sectors to inform our work and for our work to inform the wider world.