Principal Investigator

Research interests

  • Electrochemical energy conversion
  • Water splitting & CO2 reduction
  • Experimental characterisation of semiconductor | electrolyte interfaces
  • Micro-kinetic modelling of (photo-)electrochemical processes
  • Design, characterisation and modelling of scaled (photo-)electrochemical reactor systems
  • Metal recovery by electrodeposition
  • CO2 utilisation

MSc / MRes Students


Connor Donovan - 'Moving towards the low-cost solar generation of H2 fuel - can metal oxide heterojunctions make this a reality?' - MRes in Catalysis: Chemistry and Engineering, Department of Chemistry - co-supervised by Dr Andreas Kafizas (Chemistry).

Gian Bains - 'A mechanistic study into the electrochemical stability of deep eutectic solvents' - MSc Advanced Chemical Engineering - co-supervised by Dr Sze-yin Tan (Chemical Engineering).