The Electron Microscopy Centre' is setup for single particle analysis (SPA) and cryo-electron tomography (cryoET) for the screening of complex membrane proteins and cell membrane tissues.

Tranmission electron microscopes:-

  • Glacios XFEG  - high resolution screening of autogrids and data collection and can screen multiple grids atonomously (Autoloader system).
  • Tecnia 12 Spirit -  negative stain imaging for initial sample optimisation and new user training.
  • Tecnia 12 Twin -  cryoEM sample optimisation and cryoEM training.

The facility has a prep lab for sample preparation, negative staining and a Vitrobot for sample vitrification.


Please contact the Facility Manager to discuss your project and avaialble options.

Transmission Electron Microscopes in the Centre

TEM - Glacios (XFEG)


Glacios 200kV cryo-transmission electron microscope (TEM) is our flagship high resolution autonomous data collection and screening microscope, used for structural analysis of protein complexes and cell membrane specimens. A multitude of applications and acquisition software are supported on this microscope, including the multi-grid option, allowing users to collect data from different samples in a single session. The autoloading system an automated LN2 filling supports autonomous over-night and weekend data collections.


  • FALCON 4 - Direct Electron Detector
  • CETA D - CMOS camera, diffraction scintilator

Energy Filter

  • Selectris X


  • SPA (Single particle analyses) - EPU automated data collection
  • CryoET - Leginon automated data collection or Tomo 4
  • MicroED - microcrystal electron diffraction
  • Phase Plate


  • EPU2 (SPA)
    • Multi-GRID
  • Tomo5
  • Leginon (cryoET)
  • EPU-D (microED)
  • Sherpa (AutoCTF)
  • Maps


 Autoloader (plan3) holds 12 clipped grids (autogrids)

FEI Tecnai G2 Spirit TWIN


This 120kV TEM is a popular microscope use prodominantly for negative stain screening and training.  It's also cryo-capable.


  • Camera - FEI 2K eagle camera
  • LAB6 (standard 90 degrees)
  • TIA
  • Low Dose (CryoEM

Basic TEM Operating guide  page1.html

Tecnai T12 TWIN (LAB6)


This 120kV twin lens microscope is used for cryo-TEM screening with 626 holder for checking vitreous ice thickness, contamination, particle concentration and conformation.


  • CCD camera - TVIPS fast frame 4K XF416
  • EMMenu 5
  • LAB6 filament (60 degrees)
  • Low Dose option
  • Gatan 626 cryo-holder
  • Cryo-TEM screening