One of the exclusive benefits of the IBP programme is an opportunity to work with our in-house group researching the longer-term future: TechForesight. 

TechForesight is an in-house futures research function: bringing a foresight view to business.  

Drawing directly from the world-leading research and innovation at Imperial, the TechForesight team presents a unique perspective on future trends research. The team is geared to collaborate with you on strategic futures projects, expert panels, future technology showcase events and experience journeys at ICL.

What are the TechForesight opportunities?

  • Access to annual cycles of general Disruptive Technology research (referenced in Financial Times, Business Insider, Forbes).  IBP members will have access to the open-content as well as partner only content. 
  • Disruptive technology scanning projects of targeted area: futures focused mapping across targeted areas (within IBP offer depending on scope) 
  • Annual TechForesight event to showcase projects and convene partners/stakeholders  

What are examples of disruptive technology sensemaking projects?

  • Helping you create a manageable and actionable set of over the horizon changes 
  • Connecting future change to the present  
  • Identifying actions that can be taken today due to changes in the future 
  • Bringing understanding of the implications of future change  
  • Making insights communicable to a wide audience