Our academic expertise, your industry challenges

Ranked as the second most innovative university in Europe, and in the top ten in the world, Imperial College London is home to world-leading academic researchers. At Imperial, we value research that applies academic curiosity and rigour to real-world business challenges, bringing tangible benefits to society.

Among the most effective ways for businesses to benefit from our world-leading academic expertise are to partner with us in collaborative research and to licence our technologies. 

Imperial's Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (IPC) team, together with other staff in the Enterprise Division, have a deep understanding of science and technology and strong commercial acumen. They help academics and businesses work together to develop new insights and technologies and translate them into commercial opportunities.  

To see how research partnerships are helping to meet industry partners' challenges, you can browse the case studies hosted here. To discuss what sort of collaboration or licensing opportunities would best meet your needs, please contact a member of the IPC team.