Expert business coaching and mentoring for entrepreneurial researchers.

When building your company it can be useful to get guidance and support from experienced members of the business community outside of the College.  

Enterprise’s Incubation Services team manages a network of over 180 coaches, serial entrepreneurs, high level executives, and sector specialists who can advise on the various aspects of starting and growing a company.   

This includes business coaching, sales, strategy, commercialisation, negotiation, marketing, accountancy, product design, business model design, IP, legal, and more. Whatever you’re looking for, our team will work with you and your potential spinout or spinout company to ensure you can benefit from the right advice, from the right experts, at the right time.  

All of their services are free, to help you develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.  

Being approved for this support is completely separate from the College’s decision whether to approve your idea as an IP spinout, but it will help you to demonstrate its viability, or save yourself time if there isn’t the opportunity you were hoping for.  

To gain access to this support, please speak to your faculty’s IPC team. If you are already working with IPC on a spinout or potential spinout, ask your dedicated project manager about incubation services.