The process of establishing a research partnership can vary, but these are the usual steps:  

  1. Idea capture. Develop and refine what you have to offer to industry, and how best to present it. Identify potential industry partners – if you don’t already have companies in mind, we can help with this.  
  2. Pitching. With the help of our expert team, develop a brief for the research proposal, including a clear statement of what you bring to the project and the price we expect research partners to pay, which may vary depending, for example, on what kind of access the partner will have to resulting intellectual property (IP). Negotiate and make sure that all parties are in line with their expectations.  
  3. Shaping. Develop the opportunity and design the process for your collaboration. 
  4. Negotiation. Discuss and agree the model for licensing, IP, risk and ethics assessments, and budget.  
  5. Signing. Agreements are signed.  
  6. Implementation The academic and their partners carry out their work; our teams stay involved to help manage the relationship and ensure oversight of budgets, including any additional funding.  

Our teams can support you through each of these steps, from formulating your initial ideas and goals through relationship management and contracts and beyond.  

Find out more by contacting your Faculty's Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation (IPC) teams: