We will be open to dialogue on our work on equality, diversity and inclusion

Communication is vital for the overall success of our Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.

Equality, diversity and inclusion are difficult and contested ideas because they challenge the status quo. Imperial is determined to create a culture of inclusion where all people feel valued as individuals, but we know we are not there yet. We know also that even as we make progress, it will not be fast enough for some. There will be mis-steps along the way.

Effective communication is important, not just to mitigate such problems but also to build trust within and across the organisational divisions and hierarchies at Imperial. As we saw in the 2017 Staff Survey, there remains a disconnect between the deliberations of the College leadership and the perceptions of that effort on the ground. Addressing that issue is necessary not just for the health of the institution, but also to convince staff and students that our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is genuine and lasting.



We will explain our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy clearly and keep it open to challenge.

Since our Strategy also needs to be rooted in reality, we need to be able to have frank conversations with staff and students on those occasions when practical and financial constraints mean that we cannot meet expectations. In such circumstances we will be constructive and open-minded about mapping out routes to further progress.

Methods and channels

We will establish meaningful two-way channels of communication to ensure not only that people feel listened to and valued, but also that the College leadership is kept in touch with the breadth and variety of the experiences of staff and students. We will create regular opportunities for staff and students to interact formally and informally with the leadership team at College and departmental level.

We will advertise the Equality Diversity and Inclusion Forum as a major opportunity for staff and students to make their views known and to get directly involved.

Ensure that equality, diversity and inclusion information on the College website (e.g. support, training opportunities, events) is presented in a coherent and accessible manner. Where possible and appropriate, we will ensure that there is matched provision of information for staff and students.