Imperial 600 at Pride in London 2018

Strategy 2018–21

In May 2018, we launched a three-year strategy for the network.

Download a copy here: Imperial 600 network strategy 2018–21 [PDF].

About Imperial 600

Imperial 600 was established in 2006 to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender staff at the College.

The group’s name reflects the estimation that around 10% of the UK’s population is LGBT – in 2006 this equalled 600 of Imperial's 6,000 staff.

Imperial 600 today remains an active staff network, welcoming LGBTQ+ staff, postgraduate students and their allies.

Source of support

We exist to support the creation of an inclusive culture at Imperial by:

  • Organising events for LGBTQ+ staff and allies.
  • Signposting relevant wellbeing services.
  • Supporting the improvement of College policies and practices to ensure they are LGBTQ+ inclusive.
  • Providing a confidential point of contact for staff to raise issues or to discuss any concerns they may have in relation to LGBTQ+ issues.

How the network is run

Imperial 600 is led by co-Chairs Caz Ulley and Joёl McConnell.

The network doesn't have a formal committee. Instead it has a steering group, comprising all network members. See our Imperial 600 Steering group terms of reference and membership 2018-19.

The steering group meetings, held termly, are therefore open to all network members.

Network activities are delivered by members of our Imperial 600 operational group, who meet more regularly.

"I believe passionately that our diversity is the key to Imperial’s success and that we all have the right to be judged purely on our merits. The College has made great progress in the past and I am sure has more to do in the future. I look forward to playing my part." Muir Sanderson, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Sponsor for Imperial 600