September 2023 - Dr Junyi Cui passes her viva with flying colours! We have a new doctor in the group!
September 2023 - Ed Rattner wins the GTA of the Year for the Faculty of Engineering! Congratulations!
September 2023 - Junyi Cui wins the European Materials Research Society Young Researcher of the Year! Well done!
January 2023 - Lu Chen joins us from China for eighteen months! Welcome!


October 2022 - Matyas gives a talk at the departmental Spotlight seminar series.
October 2022 - 
Zhonghui joins us for a year from the Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics!
October 2022 - Matyas, Junyi, and Yasmine all give tasks at NanoGe MAT-SUS conference in Barcelona!
September 2022 - Matyas, Junyi and Yasmine all win travel grants by the SuperSolar network.
September 2022 - Junyi and Yasmine take part in the QUANTSOL summer school organised by the Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin (HZB) in Austria.
September 2022 - Junyi gives a poster presentation at the Imperial College Electrochemistry Network Industry Day.
August 2022 - Junyi Cui published her work on Advanced Functional Materials!
August 2022 - Filipp Temerov leaves us after a year to lead his own research at the University of Oulu!
July 2022 - Filipp, Ed, Yasmine and Brad take part in an outreach activity for the Global Summer School at Imperial with our very own Hydrogen Cannon!
July 2022 - Junyi gives two talks in the department, speaking both at the Towards Net Zero seminar series, and winning 2nd place for best presentation at the PhD symposium!
July 2022 - The group travelled to Newcastle to attend the 10th UK Solar Fuels Network Symposium. Junyi and Matyas gave oral presentations, and Yasmine, Filipp, Junyi, Mengya and Ed presented posters.
July 2022 - Matyas is awarded the Dame Julia Higgins Engineering Postdoc Collaborative Research Fund!
June 2022 - Both Junyi and Matyas give talks at the H2FC Supergen research conference in St Andrews.
June 2022 - Yasmine, Matyas, and Junyi win the RSC research development grant! Congratulations!
June 2022 - The whole lab takes part in the Great Exhibition Road Festival.
June 2022 - Yasmine wins best oral presentation the CPE summer school in Snowdonia!
June 2022 - Junyi wins a scholarship awarded by the Polish Institute of Physical Chemistry (PAS) to attend e-SPARK, an international summer school on experimental electrochemistry!
June 2022 - Matyas also presents his work as part of the Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE) Seminar series.
May 2022 - Matyas wins the Seeds for Sucess grant! Congratulations!
March 2022 - Junyi presents her work as part of the Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE) Seminar series.



October 2021 - Michael Sena goes back to Brazil to finish his PhD! Good luck!
October 2021 - Dr Matyas Daboczi takes part in the Department's Towards Net Zero panel discussing the potential of CO2 utilisation in a net zero future.
October 2021 - Brad Lewis, a new PhD student joins the group!
September 2021 - Dr Matyas Daboczi gives a flash talk and participates in panel discussion at the ECR Forum of Supergen Net Zero Conference explaining the potential role of photoelectrocemical water splitting towards securing a global transition to clean energy.
September 2021 - Dr Filipp Temerov has returned to do a year in London with us as a postdoc! Welcome
September 2021 - Dr Salvador Eslava gives invited presentations at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry (Symposium 21), E-MRS Fall 2021 and 9th Solar Fuels Symposium.
August 2021 - Junyi gives an online talk at the European Materials Research Society E-MRS Fall 2021!
July 2021 - Junyi presents a poster at the online International Solar Fuels Conference!
June 2021 - Dr Santosh Kumar leaves to take up a position at Diamond Light Source as a beam line engineer! We wish him the best!
May 2021 - Dr Matyas Daboczi joins the group starting a postdoc on halide perovskite photocathodes! Welcome!
April 2021 - Dr Filipp Temerov was awarded a Säätiöiden post doc -pooli grant to continue studying photocatalysis! Congratulations!
February 2021 - Dr Salvador Eslava was unanimously awarded the 2021 IChemE Warner prize.
February 2021 - Dr Filipp Temerov successfully defended his thesis to complete his PhD! Congratulations!


October 2020 - Michael Sena, a visiting PhD student from Brazil, joins the group!
September 2020 - Yasmine Baghdadi starts her PhD in photocatalysis and double halide perovskites!
September 2020 - Dr Miriam Regue leaves to teach in Catalonia! We wish her luck in her new position!
June 2020 - The Eslava Group has been awarded a pump-priming grant by the Insitute for Molecular Science and Engienereing (IMSE), studying oxide perovskites using computational techniques for solar-to-fuel conversion. Our postdoc Dr Miriam Regue will be taking charge!
May 2020 - Dr Salvador Eslava is nominated for a Student Choice Award for his excellence in teaching!
April 2020 - Dr Santosh Kumar gives a presentation on the new candidates for solar fuel production at the Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE) at Imperial College.
February 2020 - Dr Min Su Park, a new postdoc arrives!
January 2020 - Filipp Temerov, a visiting PhD student from the University of Eastern Finland starts!


December 2019 - The lab continues to be expanded! We bring in a new glove box, a new GC-MS-BID cromatograph and we will install a new Solartron potentiostat!
November 2019 
- Ed Rattner, a new PhD student starts!
November 2019 - Junyi Cui, a new PhD student starts!
November 2019 - We moved to Imperial!