June 2020 - The Eslava Group has been awarded a pump-priming grant by the Institute for Molecular Science and Engineering (IMSE), studying oxide perovskites using computational techniques for solar-to-fuel conversion. Our postdoc Dr Miriam Regue will be taking charge!
May 2020 - Dr Salvador Eslava is nominated for a Student Choice Award for his excellence in teaching!
April 2020 - Dr Santosh Kumar gives a presentation on the new candidates for solar fuel production at the Centre for Processable Electronics (CPE) at Imperial College.
February 2020 - Dr Min Su Park, a new postdoc arrives!
January 2020 - Filipp Temerov, a visiting PhD student from the University of Eastern Finland starts!


December 2019 - The lab continues to be expanded! We bring in a new glove box, a new GC-MS-BID cromatograph and we will install a new Solartron potentiostat!
November 2019 
- Ed Rattner, a new PhD student starts!
November 2019 - Junyi Cui, a new PhD student starts!
November 2019 - We moved to Imperial!