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Our teams of skilled mechanics and technicians deliver a comprehensive responsive and preventative maintenance service

Building maintenance

Estates Operations are responsible for:

  • The overall maintenance and upkeep of all buildings, plant and infrastructure.
  • All services provided to buildings e.g. utilities, stored hot and cold water, heating and cooling, distribution of high pressure steam and ventilation systems.
  • The upkeep of roads, pathways and landscaped areas.

On average there are 70,000 planned and reactive maintenance activities performed across the College each year.

Estates Operations employs a range of professionally qualified staff:

  • A team of electrical and mechanical engineers who are employees of the College, these engineers report through the Head of Maintenance.
  • A maintenance contractor who has directly employed engineering staff but also utilises a body of specialist sub-contractors.
  • A number of specialist ‘approved’ contractors who are available to undertake one off pieces of work or maintenance activities.