Download the South Kensington snow clearance priority map [PDF, 299KB]

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For more information contact:

  • Peter Bodi, Soft Services Supervisor
  • Tel: 07872850217 (mobex: 50223)

Planning and responsibilities

Supplies and clearance

From the 1st November, five day weather and 24 hour forecasts will be observed by the Soft Services representative. Although forecasts cannot be relied upon for accuracy, this will assist in planning for necessary clearance when snow or below zero temperatures are forecast. 

The Soft Services team will take responsibility for ensuring that sufficient essential supplies are held on the premises (please see below), and they will undertake a stock check in advance of the onset of each winter, in early October. Supplies will be replenished on an ongoing basis, as necessary, subject to availability (orders for supplies may be subject to cancellation without notice due to diversion to Highways Agency regions if the Government deems this to be the main priority).

The Support Team will be responsible for clearance of snow and ice on the Main Campus areas (areas are scheduled and prioritised on map 'Snow Clearance Priority-South Kensington’). The task of clearance will take precedence over most other activity planned for those days when snow or ice is on the ground. 

Contingency arrangements

In extreme weather conditions it may not be possible to undertake clearance of snow and ice from all areas detailed in this policy as staff may be unable to get to work. If snowfall occurs during periods when designated staff are unavailable for clearance (ie. Monday-Friday 6pm-8am, on weekends and during holidays), Security will assist with clearance of priority areas where possible.


Appropriate Signage will be put out by designated persons at key locations across the campus.  See map 'Snow Clearance Priority-South Kensington' for detail of specific locations.

Areas to be cleared

Areas to be cleared are shown on 'Snow Clearance Priority- South Kensington'. These areas will be prioritised and scheduled according to the number of designated staff available to carry out the task and according to the amount of resources available. Areas to be cleared will include main entrances and steps leading into all campus buildings, ensuring sufficient cleared area to accommodate wheelchairs. Public rights of way will not be cleared (see comments under ‘Liability’ above).

Training in the correct procedures to do this safely will be given following consultation with the Health and Safety Manager. 

Equipment and supplies

The Main Campus site will be equipped with:

  • Salt spreader
  • Snow shovels
  • Supplies of rock salt
  • 'Ice melt' in tubs with a scoop
  • Appropriate protective clothing for staff.
  • Appropriate signage ie. ‘Take Extra Care, Slippery Surface’

All equipment will be stored in the Ayrton Road Compound.

Method of clearance

Clearing and gritting

  • Remove ice and snow using shovel.  Brooms will not be used as they cause surfaces to become slippery and neither will hot water be applied as it can refreeze and increase the hazard.
  • Apply rock salt, or equivalent, to melt any remaining traces of ice.  This should be applied sparingly near to entrances as it can be corrosive to the fabric of buildings.
  • If further snow falls, then pathways will be re-cleared and re-salted.

Student, staff and visitor responsibilities

Staff, students and visitors also have a responsibility to be careful themselves, for example by wearing appropriate footwear, taking care when walking in wintry conditions, keeping to cleared pathways and avoiding areas which have been indicated as particularly hazardous.