Where is the service available?

Arrangements for confidential waste can be made across the College. If the volume produced is only small, we suggest obtaining a shredder (confetti/cross-cut). The shredded waste can then be placed in the paper recycling route at no charge, this is the most cost-effective way of dealing with it.

What kind of container do you require?

Confidential waste can be disposed of in wheelie bin containers and sacks (where a bin is not suitable, eg access only via stairs, or a bin is not permanently required).

How much does it cost?

Charges for disposal are as follows:

  • £18 Wheelie bin (240 litre)
  • £9 Wheelie bin (120 Litre) - only available for 58PG because of the small lift
  • £54 Minimum charge for 10 sacks; each sack thereafter £3.36
  • Outside South Kensington, sacks are the preferred option where a bin is not permanently required 
  • Please do not request a bin if you do not intend to keep it!

We aim to respond to requests within 3 days. Please be sure to indicate whether you require delivery, collection or exchange.

In interest of confidentiality we cannot retrieve items which have been placed in a bin in error.

Record Management and disposal

Management of confidential records

  • Records that contain personal, sensitive, confidential or financial data should always be disposed of as confidential waste. This includes both paper and digital records such as those saved onto digital storage mediums eg CD ROMs, DVDs and data sticks.
  • Always consult with the College's Retention Schedule to ensure that you are retaining records for the recommended period of time (and not longer than necessary).
  • If you require disposal of large amounts of records from a cupboard, office or storage space contact the Archives and Corporate records Unit (ACRU) for discussion and advice. ACRU has overall responsibility for College records- acru@imperial.ac.uk.