In good condition?

If your furniture is in good condition and could be re-used please offer it on Warp It first of all. The College has joined the Waste Action Reuse Portal to make it easy to offer furniture to others within the College and further afield in other organisations.

Warp It matches people in need to those with surplus furniture. This can save money for both parties, avoiding puchase and disposal costs (though there may be some costs incurred in transportation). By extending the life of objects we avoid the need for raw materials, manufacturing and energy consumption and therby avoid unnecessary carbon emissions.

Unsuitable for re-use?

If your furniture is unsuitable for re-use then please use the form below.

These prices are for disposal of small quantities of items at South Kensington and does not take into account any labour charge. For larger jobs and requestes at other locations we will need to arrange a third party contractor and other rates will apply.

Where a large amount of manual handling is involved in removing a large number of items and our small team cannot support this amongst their other commitments. The in-house disposal cost is just that, a disposal cost; if we were to undertake a large project then we would need to charge appropriately for the time taken. The benefit of using a third party is that the task can be carried out at a time convenient for yourselves whereas the in-house team has many time-sensitive duties and all other tasks must be fit around those existing commitments.