IT equipment

All IT equipment must be identified by its asset number (or serial number) for the asset register.

We aim to respond to requests within 3 days, however, it may take longer for unlisted items or where specialist lifting equipment is required and we need to obtain a quotation for disposal.

Outside South Kensington Campus we are able to offer the same rate for disposal but as there is a significant charge for the contractor to attend site we can only arrange attendance when there are a number of items to be collected. We have a small amount of space to accumulate most items for disposal but please bear in mind that large volumes or large items may need to be help in your department until the contractor calls.

It is your responsibility to wipe data from any hard drives; however, our contractor will carry out data destruction to CESG standard (for equipment being recycled) or wiping (for any equipment being remarketed) as a safeguard.

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Desktop IT - please list asset numbers below

PC system (should be functional) including keyboard and mouse 

Flat-panel monitor 

Desktop printer/scanner/fax - (not more than 25kg) 

Notebook/laptop computer 

Circuit boards 

Other IT - please list asset numbers below

CRT monitors  

Printer/scanner/fax (25 to 30kg) 

Floor-standing photocopier/printer 

Servers (up to 35kg with a maximum of 5 drives) 

Additional/loose hard disk drive 

UPS (up to 30kg) 

UPS (up to 65kg) 

Network equipment: hub/router/switch 


Tape media (eg DLT tape) 

Floppy disk 

Asset numbers

IT Equipment: please detail the equipment type and either the asset number or serial number and product number   

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