Report an accident or near miss:

Report it

  • Please report any building issues and defects to the Customer Services Centre. Your reports help us to respond quickly to issues and prevent them from becoming hazardous.

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Here you will find information on:

  • Reporting accidents or near misses.
  • Prevention of accidents.
  • Investigations of accidents and near misses.

Reporting accidents

  • You have a legal duty to take reasonable care of your own health and safety. 
  • You must also take reasonable care not to put other people (fellow employees, students and members of the public) at risk by what you do or don't do in the course of your work.
  • You must report any injuries or illnesses you suffer as a result of doing your job (the College may need to change the way you work).
  • You have a duty to report all accidents or near misses experienced at work.

Prevention of accidents

Near miss and defect reporting

  • You could find yourself involved in an incident such as a slip or trip which does not result in an injury but potentially could have. This is deemed a ‘near miss’ or an accident waiting to happen.
  • The College encourages you to report all such incidents, as prompt action could prevent another person being injured by the same hazard.
  • College members are encouraged to report all building defects which you may observe whilst in College and to take personal action to prevent another person being injured.

Investigations of accidents and near misses

  • Investigation of incidents and accidents is key to preventing future accidents.
  • The investigation aims to identify causes and to make recommendations in order to prevent or minimise the possibility of it happening again.

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