Our responsibility

The College has a legal responsibility to put measures in place for the safe evacuation of persons from its buildings, regardless of their usage. All College buildings are therefore equipped with the means to detect fire/smoke, for an alarm to be raised, and for the occupants to reach a place of final safety.

What is a GEEP?

A GEEP is a Generic Emergency Evacuation Plan which enables visitors to our buildings to become familiar with the layout, evacuation procedures, available equipment and communication devices for use in an emergency.

If you wish to discuss any concerns with your evacuation of a building having read the applicable GEEP then please contact Security on either 0207 594 8910 or alternatively contact your host for your visit with us who will be able to supply or source more details. NB All GEEP plans should be read in conjunction with the current COVID-19 guidance.

GEEPs for all residential buildings are available, please send an email stating which building you require and the reason for the request to firesafety@imperial.ac.uk.

GEEPs by campus

Royal Brompton GEEPs

St Marys Campus GEEPs