Annual staff parking permits enable you to park on South Kensington campus Monday to Friday between 7.00 and 18.00.

Who can apply?

Parking permits

Permit type Who can apply? Cost
Annual parking permit

Staff may apply to purchase an annual permit. Allocation of permits is subject to meeting certain criteria (see criteria tab).

Download and submit the Annual Parking Permit Application (Word) to Anne-Marie Clarke.

£918 per year

Annual parking permit for disabled staff and students

Disabled staff and students are eligible for a permit subject to presentation of a valid ‘Blue Badge’ upon application.


No charge.
Temporary parking permit Staff and students who would like to be considered for a temporary permit (up to a maximum of two months) on grounds of ill health, or exceptional circumstances must be assessed by the Occupational Health Team.

More information available upon application.

Criteria for permit allocation

  • Disability, including temporary disability (Blue Badge or Occupational Health supported)
  • Safety (regularly working late or early, lone working)
  • Providing transport for young children (e.g. to/from nursery/crèche/school)
  • Staff who regularly car-share with other staff
  • Imperial duties which require regular use of own car transport

Applications which satisfy one or more of the above criteria will receive priority, but allocation of a space cannot be guaranteed, due to the limited numbers of spaces available.

We must reserve the right to withdraw (upon reasonable notice) spaces allocated if someone else’s circumstances should make them a higher priority for allocation of a car parking space, or if the number of car parking spaces available is reduced.

Apply for a parking permit

Applications are made through the Car Park Office.

Download the Annual Parking Permit Application (Word) and submit to Anne Marie Clarke.

How to pay

Annual parking permits can be paid for either by:

  • Lump sum payment (if not a payroll employee) or
  • Via monthly deduction from salary.
General information
  • Annual permit costs are inclusive of all College and staff holidays with no refunds being available for any holiday, parking bay suspensions or College closure periods.
  • Generally no refunds are given for short term sickness (less than 3 months duration). Staff who are absent for periods in excess of 3 months, due to illness, maternity leave, extended absence, for domestic or other purposes should apply to Mr Nick Roalfe (Director of Estates Operations) for refund of parking charges after their return to work.
  • Tariff increases are governed by the College Operations Committee, which reserves the right to vary rates after giving 3 months notice.

For further information contact Anne Marie Clarke.

Permit sharing

Imperial encourages the use of annual permit sharing arrangements with other members of staff.

All participating car registrations must be provided on the permit application, and the Car Park Office must be informed of any changes. Only one of the registered vehicles will be permitted to park at any one time and who uses the permit on a day-to-day basis should be managed locally.

The cost of the permit will we divided equally between the registered drivers. 

Parking permit terms of use

  • Only one vehicle registration is permitted per member of staff.  Multiple car registrations are not permitted (unless the permit is shared between two users).
  • Once issued, automatic number plate recognition will activate the car park barriers to permit entry/exit from the South Kensington car park for the registered vehicle only. Permit holders may use either the Exhibition Road or Prince Consort entrance/exit during office hours.
  • Only one vehicle per member of staff is permitted to park at any one time.  If a temporary car is to be used because a registered car is unavailable for any reason e.g. for repair or servicing, the registration of the replacement car must be registered in advance with car parking control and Anne-Marie Clarke before arrival on site. The temporary vehicle's registration will be entered into the system for the period of use until the original car returns to site. Should a staff member change their registered vehicle, they must return their old permit to the car park office for it to be exchanged for a new permit for their new vehicle.
  • Permits are not transferable to other persons or vehicles.  No member of staff can transfer their permit to another person for their use without prior consent from Anne-Marie Clarke. Staff discovered to be transferring permits to others face immediate suspension of car parking privileges without refund of fees paid.
  • When staff go on extended leave of absence e.g. for maternity leave, they must return their permit to the car park office before their departure.
  • Parking outside 07.00 to 18.00 hours Monday to Friday is not covered by the annual staff permit scheme unless alternative working hours have been approved by the Car Parking Office. For information on out of hours parking please see below.
  • Staff permit holders are generally not authorised to park their car overnight.  If a vehicle is left on site overnight a £30.00 per night additional charge is applicable, with prior permission granted beforehand from Anne-Marie Clarke. Parking overnight without permission could result in penalty charge and/or permanent loss of entitlement to College parking.
  • Staff permit holders should notify the Car Park Office as soon as possible of any changes in their vehicle details.
  • It is not permissible to submit an expense claim for the cost of a parking space on campus – either for an annual permit or for ad-hoc usage.
  • Registered vehicles must display a current permit at all times.
  • If a permit holder finds another vehicle occupying his/her allocated space they should report this matter immediately to the car parking control or the Gatehouse who will determine an alternative parking space for the permit holder and deal with the parking offence.
  • All car park registrations will cease from a person's last date of employment.