Students playing netball in Ethos Sports Hall
Student playing basketball in Ethos Sports Hall
Staff playing five-a-side-football in Ethos Sports Hall
Students playing table tennis in Ethos Sports Hall

Our sports hall sits at the heart of Ethos and provides an outstanding venue for a wide range of sports. The hall has been outfitted with a specialist sports flooring, a digital scoreboard system and can be set up in a variety of configuraitons for your needs. 

Sports hall bookings require a one-off purchase, with prices varying depending on your membership.

Activity (55 minutes each)StudentsStaff (Basic)Staff (Club Imperial)
Badminton per court £9 £10 £9
Pickleball per court £9 £10 £9
Basketball half court £25.50 £30.50 £25.50
Basketball full court £51 £61 £51
Five-a-side football £51 £61 £51
Netball full court £51 £61 £51
Table Tennis per table £7 £8 £7
Volleyball full court £51 £61 £51